BIELA ​​KOCKA⁴ – 3 Awards for Central Slovakian Gallery

3 AWARDS for Central Slovakian Gallery!

Announcement of the winners of the 4th year of the BIELA KOCKA⁴ award – the Prize of the Council of Galleries of Slovakia for contribution in the field of gallery activities for the year 2019.

Congratulations to our colleagues!

Here are the statements of the expert jury:

Curatorial project
Curators: Petra Hanáková, Emília Rigová
KERES CULTURE! / WE MAKE A CULTURE! (contemporary art and Roma identity)

The international exhibition presented a young generation of artists who work purposefully on the topic of Roma identity and critically reflect on it. Instead of stereotypical and exotic representations of the Roma, which are unfortunately still dominant today, the exhibition brought a more comprehensive treatment of the theme through contemporary visual art. It thus offered a unique and curatorially compiled contribution to the discourse on Roma identity and its place in European culture. As part of the project, the Cabinet of Roma Art and Culture was established at Matej Bel University. The jury also appreciated the fact that this is a curatorial project with an international cast, this dimension is extremely enriching for the Slovak art scene.

Educational project
Curator: Martina Martincová
Educational exhibition: How to understand art… 2

The educational exhibition How to Understand Art… 2 / nature and landscape / and the follow-up program (lectures, animations, guided tours) presents a quality and comprehensive form of contemporary gallery education, supporting critical thinking and bringing visual art closer to the audience. The program also motivated viewers to think about current social and environmental issues. The educational programs were aimed at a wide range of visitors, from the youngest to the elderly, and made available works of art from the SSG collections in an original way. The creators of the project managed to attract spectators to the gallery, we appreciate the emphasis on the haptic experience in the physical space, working with a variety of materials, which we consider a crucial experience in an increasingly digitized world.

Other professional project
Curator: Katarína Barániková
Restorer: Miroslav Slúka and team
Restoration and research of Dominika Skutezky paintings

The restoration of a set of 26 paintings fundamentally enriched the research of Dominik Skutezky painting. A significant benefit of the project is not only the restoration of a larger collection of Skutezky paintings and subsequent preparation for a new permanent exhibition of the painter, but also verification of authenticity of works in the collection of Central Slovakian Gallery and creation of a database of elements of Skutezky model paintings as basic research material for current knowledge of his work.