Lecture on Fashion

Lecture on Fashion

 /  Villa of Dominik Skutezky

The lecture on clothing draws on the development and attractions in the world of fashion in the period from the second half of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century. Participants will be presented with a variety of forms of fashion silhouettes and accessories during the life of Dominik Skutecký. In those times, Vienna and Paris were the main fashion centres, and became a powerful source of inspiration for the countries abroad. Their influence was largely spread among the noble and the town people’s way of clothing in Slovakia. In part of the lecture, there are also presented curiosities and inventions in the field of technology and textile industry, which influenced not only the course of the past but also contemporary fashion.

Practical information:

Please pre-order each program by e-mail or phone. The program is realized according to the specifics of the target group and age of participants.

Duration: 90 min.

Recommended no. of participants: up to 25 visitors