Recycling in pixels

Recycling in pixels

 /  Praetorium

Accompanying program for the current exhibition Recyklus 2012 – 2017 by Milan Sokol. The cut sheet fragments of tin can are interwoven with the mosaic (due to their color and texture), thus denying the legibility of the original ads and adding new meaning to them. Such a form of material becomes a piece – a document – of the reality, a “pixel” of the era of digital recordings.The subject matter of educational program is recycling. Pupils are invited to try out working with a picture mosaic based on the principle of mixing individual tapes, created from the used advertising flyers, while exploring the expressive quality of the presented works.

Practical information:Please pre-order each program by e-mail or phone. The program is realized according to the specifics of the target group and age of participants.

Duration: 60 min.

Recommended no. of participants: up to 20 children.