“The First Man was an Artist” FESTIVAL

“The First Man was an Artist” FESTIVAL

The multi-genre festival “The First Man was an Artist” of the Central Slovak Gallery has been organized since 2016. The festival offers an extensive program in three historic buildings of the gallery in the center of Banská Bystrica: The Villa of Dominik Skutezky, Bethlen’s House and Praetorium. For visitors, there are prepared visual art exhibitions, thematic lectures, film screenings, theatre performances, author’s readings, music workshops and various creative workshops. By organizing the festival we want to raise public awareness of contemporary art. The launch of the festival arouse from the need to organize a regular festival event focused on contemporary art in Banská Bystrica. Festival events are organized in cooperation with cultural institutions based in Banská Bystrica as well as renowned institutions with a broader program scope in the Slovak Republic (Kino v Bazéne, Laputa-Bašta, Záhrada – cultural center, Anasoft Litera, Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica, Matej Bel University, the Slovak National Gallery, etc.)

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