Permanent exhibition of Dominik Skutezky

We warmly invite you!
21. February 2023 – 31. January 2024
Vernissage 21. 02. 2023 o 17:00
Katarína Baraníková

Permanent exhibition of Dominik Skutezky

The aim of the new re-installation of Dominik Skutezky’s exposition is to use the potential of the painter’s villa as an authentic environment of his work and family life. In addition to expanding the exhibition in artistic and historical context, we are also preparing a partial reconstruction of the interior according to the found documentation and features of that period- lighting, windows, wall painting, or creating a replica of the painting stage in the artist’s studio. Instead of a passive painting gallery, this will create an environment inspired by that time period adapted for comfortable spending of time by visitors with creative activities, cultural experiences and accompanying temporary exhibitions.

The installation will bring the life of the painter and his family in the villa closer to the gallerygoer by creating thematic rooms: ITALIAN ART HALL (Venetian period of the painter), SALON (Banská Bystrica period, salon and portrait work), STUDIO (painting program and technology), OFFICE (family history and creations of the children; space for temporary exhibitions), WINTER GARDEN (relaxation area and creative activities).




Venue: Vila Dominika Skuteckého, Horná 55, Banská Bystrica

Exhibition opening: 21. 2. 2023

Project architect: Jakub Kopec

Project coordinators: Katarína Minka Baraníková, Miloslava Michalcová Borošová, Zuzana Leškanič Majlingová, Maroš Rovňák

Restorers: Miloš Packo, Miroslav Slúka

Furnishings: Maroš Semančík

Art history consultants: Klára Kubičková, Katarína Beňová, Zuzana Majlingová

Translation: Roman Schvartz

Realization of the villa infrastructure reconstruction project: MRK Contract k.s.





The partial restoration of the infrastructure premises was implemented with the financial support
of the Banská Bystrica Self-Governing Region.