Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura


Camera obscura

At the creative workshop, participants will be hosted in an improvised photo studio, where they will try out the classic technique of making photos using developer, water, and restorer. The principle of camera obscura had been known to people for centuries B.C., only later they were able to use it to improve the camera in the 19th century. 


The creative workshop presents technique without a photographic optical device, developed since the second half of the 19th century. The participants will be hosted in an improvised photographic darkroom. There they will try to capture an image directly on photo paper. They will create shadow compositions by placing different translucent objects on the unexposed photo paper. After illuminating the paper, the pupils develop their own photo. They are free to take the photo with them.

Practical information:

Please pre-order each program by e-mail or phone. The program is realized according to the specifics of the target group and age of participants.

Duration: 60 min.

Recommended no. of participants: up to 20 children.

Orders: Mgr. Martina Martincová, Mgr. Jana Gamcová, [email protected], tel .: 048/4701624.