“Line is a dot that went for a walk.” (Paul Klee)

“Line is a dot that went for a walk.” (Paul Klee)


The Central Slovakian Gallery prepared a long-term interpretation program that will familiarize children with the basic means of visual art language and teach them how to perceive and receive the artwork. Younger pupils (primary school) have the opportunity – through playful animation scenes – to work with a dot, spot, line, shape, composition, light and shadow, color, and so on. For older pupils, the scenes are complemented with relationships between the elements – rhythm, symmetry, asymmetry, equilibrium, imbalance, movement, proportions, art contrasts, abstraction, stylization, etc.

Practical information: 

Please pre-order each program by e-mail or phone. The program is realized according to the specifics of the target group and age of participants.

Duration: 60 min.

Recommended no. of participants: up to 20 children.