Dominik’s Funky Suitcase

Dominik’s Funky Suitcase

 /  Villa of Dominik Skutezky

Dominik’s Funky Suitcase is the gallery’s interactive educational project that supports several educational aids and creative games. Tailor-made toys and aids help children better understand the painter’s work, particularly the formal and the content-related aspects of the exhibited works. At the same time, they bring the life and lifestyle of the artist closer to the audience. The main goal of the program is give children drawing opportunity for their own memories of the first encounter with the artwork and the institution that presents it.

Practical information:

Please pre-order each program by e-mail or phone.The program is realized according to the specifics of the target group and age of participants.

Duration: 60 min.

Recommended no. of participants: up to 15 children.